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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Freedommm :D !

FREEDOOM !! love to shout it baby :)

Aloha, okay im done with my MID SEM EXAMINATION , hoyeah hoyeah !!
So its time me to REST my mind. Its time to meet my family at PENANG :D
Penang people wait for me ya im going back on this CNY . lets meet yaa.

btw, I miss my awesome friends BADLY :')
#tunggu aku balik kita lepak sampai subuh okay . sumpah rindu gila !!

Nadia my booo :)

Wany my kecikkk :)

Myrul si so'od :)

*guys, nnti aku balik nk jmpa hampa na . Tolong la jgn nk membusykn diri sgt . Tamplek hampa nnti . misssss uolls damm much :D


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