. Sometimes I just want to be dissppear and see if anyone would miss me. Hey stalker, Thank you For Visit !♥

Saturday, 12 November 2011

SPM ! SPM ! Good Luck to my lil Bro :)

Hey peep okay I don want talk so much just wanna wish to all SPM candidates 2011 all the best guys on monday 14.11.2011. Ur war have been start and do the best :) Make ur parents proud of you all :D

-my lil bro-

#to my lil bro do the best yaa,I'll always pray for you. Make our parents pround with you. chaiyokk ! I know you can do it ! Good luck for ur SPM, Love you :))


Friday, 11 November 2011

Back to Second home :')

Hey peep ! Today is a pretty date 11.11.11 rite. huh but Im not interested bout tht. Just dh lama aku ta beblog just because tada MOOD ! Kenapa erk ? Nth la aku pn tathu kenapa tp at this time seriously MY HEART did not want back here . 1st, because Im taking my result but after taking my result, Alhamdulillah its pass and no need to repeat any paper . 2nd, because I had to face all the memories alone near here. I swear I cannot forget all this and its really difficult for me but What you care rite ? I've tried to forget but the more I want to forget the more I remember. I do not even know what should I do, even you have block me for not contact you but you forgot I still have memories and memories are hard to remove in our life. Okay fine I understand if you cannot accept for what have happen but I SWEAR TO ALLAH I never ask it wanted to be like this. Please understand to. And I want you to know tht I'll try the best to remove all, even though I had to pain alone :')


Sunday, 6 November 2011

Salam Eiduladha guys :)

#Im wearing shawl yaw,in the morning 'HARI RAYA' ♥


#without shawl because in the car, wowow 'BALIK KAMPUNG' !

hee :D

Alohaa, okay tak nk cerita panjang just upload pic and wish SALAM AIDILADHA kepada muslim dan muslimat ya. Apa-apa pn td Im totally enjoy my celebration with my family and and yg paling penting 'aku dpt duit RAYA' wow ! suke suke . okbye !


Friday, 4 November 2011

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Just Happiness I want !

Yo peep, how day ? Im back yaw with smile :D No more tears okay ! Past is past I no longer to remember the old strories. Now I need to open a new book okay . *even its hard, im rite ? I have to if not it will killing me. no no no ! Just move on Eyza Azmi, please many others who love close you. You still have Friends and Family ! jyeeah Thank you for supporting me :) love me on you all will never expire . With you all I know tht I can be strong :') hee

#Im trying the best :)