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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Exammmmmm !

Hey hey , how ur days ? hope fine yaa :) btw now I'm on examination.
Do not disturb ! Muahaha
so, a liltle bit busyyy yaw. Hope I can do it well ya .so so that all yaa.
See you all in next episode :D
nite nite

Mid semester examination timetable

3/1 (4-6 p.m) - English Language Enrichment
4/1 (9-11 a.m) - Foundation of communicative English
6/1 (4-6 p.m) - Teaching reading & writing skill
9/1 (4-6 p.m) - Multimedia in education
10/1 (9-11 a.m) - Pengajian Malaysia

Wish Me Luckkkkkk , dont disturb me until end of the MID SEM ya. hehe
*joke :)


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