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Friday, 2 December 2011

Busyyyyyy !

Halloha blogiee, dh lma kan tak update act busy skit. Busy sbb apa nk thu 'PACK WITH CLASS, PACK WITH ASSIGNMENT' grr tension ! Nk enjoy pn tak bole sgt . But its okay sja nk mmbusykan diri untuk melupakan apa yg ptt tpi still tak bole. DEGIL betul laa , haih :/ enough of that ! Okay even busy pn aku happy sbb aku masih ada my buddies tht always be my side . They have make my life full with colourful rainbow..

Here they are SUPERGIRL!!

thank you for make me happy
thank you for make me smile
thank you for accept me as ur friend
thank you for the memories tht hve we do together
thank you for understand me.
thank you for be with me when i sad
thank you for everything,I do love you never expired :')

#pic Pretti n Afiqa tak ada , sorry but don worry both of u always in my mind to :)


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