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Friday, 11 November 2011

Back to Second home :')

Hey peep ! Today is a pretty date 11.11.11 rite. huh but Im not interested bout tht. Just dh lama aku ta beblog just because tada MOOD ! Kenapa erk ? Nth la aku pn tathu kenapa tp at this time seriously MY HEART did not want back here . 1st, because Im taking my result but after taking my result, Alhamdulillah its pass and no need to repeat any paper . 2nd, because I had to face all the memories alone near here. I swear I cannot forget all this and its really difficult for me but What you care rite ? I've tried to forget but the more I want to forget the more I remember. I do not even know what should I do, even you have block me for not contact you but you forgot I still have memories and memories are hard to remove in our life. Okay fine I understand if you cannot accept for what have happen but I SWEAR TO ALLAH I never ask it wanted to be like this. Please understand to. And I want you to know tht I'll try the best to remove all, even though I had to pain alone :')


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